About the Artist

I am a California native, and have been intrigued with jewelry making since I was a teenager, taking apart necklaces and creating new ones with the vintage beads. Even back then, I loved unique jewelry...one-of-a-kind jewelry. I started to pursue this creative outlet as a side business beginning in the early 90's, creating beaded jewelry, incorporating unique color and bead combinations.

My pieces have definitely evolved. I currently love working with metals...mixing sterling, fine silver, brass, bronze, copper, and steel. Adding texture, by hammering, with my rolling mill, or etching. I've been altering the color of the metal by torching, patinating, hand painting, enameling or antiquing.

These past couple of years I have also been working with Art Clay Fine Silver. It is a wonderful medium which starts out in clay form (fine silver particles held together with water and an organic binder) which allows you to mold it, carve it and decorate it, and once fired becomes pure fine silver! I received my Art Clay Silver Level I Instructor Certification in September of 2013 and my Senior Instructor Certification in June of 2014. I am really enjoying experimenting with designs in this amazing medium...the results are wonderful!

I don't normally have a plan of action when I sit down at my work table...some of my best ideas have come to me as I lay in bed. I never know where my next inspiration will come from...I have even transformed scrap metal pieces into some of my best designs!